Eben Young – Owner / CEO

“I am 37 years old and have been DJing since I was 20. I am blessed to have been trained by some of the best DJ’s and MC’s in the region. I worked with six different companies before deciding to start my own. Music has always been a very big influence in my life. My personal favorite genre of music to listen to is Christian or Rock and Roll. However, after DJing for the last 17 years, I have learned to appreciate all styles of music. I have also been blessed to find a very strong and loyal team of employees to help my company become what it is today. I would not have been able to do this without them.”

Gavin Kerr – (Manager) DJ/Entertainer

From a young age Gavin Kerr has been a musical enthusiast. Born in January of 2000 to two young parents he was exposed to 80s and 90s musicians such as Ozzy Osborne, Bon Jovi, Korn, and Avril Lavigne. Shaping his love for alternative genres and music as a whole. In middleschool he pick up his first instrument, trombone, and began singing in choir. This passion for music continued through highschool as he taught himself guitar, sang bass in both symphonic and show choir, and participated yearly in school musicals and plays. At 17 years old he formed his first band, Dying Desolation, as the frontman from 2017-2020. After which he became the bassist of the band Ghostatic from 2020-2023. From 2018-present day, he has been apart of DJ Eben Entertainment where he is now the company manager. Now at the age of 24 he has plans for a new music project, is writing a poetry book, and is continuing to shape his voice for entertainment through several arts.

Dan Young – DJ/Entertainer

“Being a DJ with DJ Eben is a big part of my life. I couldn’t see myself without it. From the awesome people I work with, to those I have met along the way. It has had a HUGE impact on my life.”

Carly Taylor – DJ/Entertainer

“It’s all about creating an atmosphere that allows people to have fun! A party spot that everyone will enjoy, especially now when there is so much going on – people need to have fun. Being a DJ let’s me have fun.”

Jack Bender -DJ/Entertainer

“DJing with DJEE has allowed me to create special moments for so many people. I love being able to entertain and give people those memorable nights that they’ll talk about long after the lights go back on. I live for making others happy!”

Stacy Steele – Marketing Coordinator

Dj Eben is a lifelong friend of mine who relies on me all the time to save his company. He is just the coolest kid so of course I help him. He is awesome and handsome and wrote this out for me. Hire him 🙂

Benjamin Quinn – DJ/Entertainer in training

Kirk Walker- DJ/Entertainer