Selecting the right DJ for your event

A study from The Pacific Standard states that everyone is connected to another person through someone they know by four degrees of separation (this was formerly known as the sixth degree of separation theory). This means that everybody knows someone who knows a Dj. So how does one know who to pick with the plethora of choices out there? Well, we are going to present a few helpful tips of what to look for when making that decision.

When speaking with a prospective Dj:
Always try to make sure to meet up with them at least once before hiring. Pay attention to the way they presents themselves; do they dress to impress, or are they in casual, or lazy weekend clothing? Do they ask questions…or do they do most of the talking? One wants a Dj who is willing to keep quiet as the vision for the most perfect wedding and reception is shared. Do not be afraid to ask them questions and do not automatically disregard them if they do not have an answer right away. If they truly care about obtaining this business opportunity then they will get back As Soon As Possible with an answer. However, if they say they will have an answer by a specific date and do not provide the information needed by then, that could be a red flag indicating a lack of attention to details.

Here are some some questions to ask a potential Dj:

1) How long have you been a Dj?
2) Is this your main source of income?
3) What kind of equipment do you own?
4) Do you have a video or a show coming up where we can see you in action?
5) What kind of music library do you have?
6) How many people work for your company?
7) May I see your contract? (Always make sure they have a contract)

Contract details:
It is extremely important to know and understand everything that is in a Dj’s contract.
If there are details that are not understood or agreed with, let the Dj know and make sure
They are changed or explained BEFORE it is signed by both parties. The contract should be signed and a copy should be made immediately for both parties. (I have personally seen Dj’s get away with overcharging clients due to how the contract was written.) Granted, that does not happen often but the point is, it could.

Dress code:
Do not be afraid to let the Dj know what is expected when it comes to how they dress. It is not good to assume that they know what to wear without discussing attire. Any respectable Dj should know how to appear presentable, especially if they desire gigs in the future.

Loose lips
Always be cautious of the Dj that “badmouths” another in their trade. It shows poor character, and is frowned upon by the more experienced Dj’s. Every Dj should be confident enough with their own capabilities that it is not necessary to discredit another company just so others will not hire them.
In conclusion…
Make sure that the Dj follows up on a regular basis and please remember to ask any questions that may arise after the initial meeting with the Dj. The more questions they ask, the more they are showing they care. It is extremely important that a good connection is made between the Dj and the client. The Dj is the one who can “make or break” a perfect night. Do not just choose a Dj without doing research. In most cases, cheaper is never better.

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By Eben Young