A couple of Wares in Love

The venue is Adelphi Mill in Prince George County, Maryland, and the weather is around 70 degrees. Behind an immense light gray cloud, the sun peeks out, anxious to shine for the future Michael and Sarah Ware. As the ceremony is about to start right outside the venue, a cool breeze comes drifting through, making the guests grateful they brought light jackets and scarves. The small crowd murmurs in light conversation while the bride is in a separate room putting on her last few touches of makeup, done by Rachel Lane.
The groom is outside with close family and friends, standing next to the pastor and eager to see his soon-to-be wife. The processional begins, and as the guests turn their heads to see Sarah, the murmur turns to silence. As his bride walks out, Michael becomes overwhelmed with happiness and begins to tear up. She looks stunning. Sarah walks to her future husband and takes his hand. The vows are done and they seal the deal with a kiss.
The recessional song is played as everybody cheers with joy and happiness! The newly married Michael and Sarah Ware enter the venue with big smiles on their faces. They greet their guests for 10-15 minutes before the photographer (Maria Grace) sneaks them out to take photos. The family is called over the microphone to join Michael and Sarah for family photos.
Now that Michael and Sarah have had time to do photos and greet their guests, they can start the party! The bride and groom head upstairs where everybody is waiting for them. The room is decorated with a fallout shelter theme, hand-crafted by the bride and groom personally. The food (catered by Greenock Bakery) is ready to be consumed. The only thing left now is the introduction. I announce over the microphone, “Please rise and put your hands together, as it is my honor to introduce, for the first time, the newly married Michael and Sarah Ware!” The guests’ cheers drown out the small room.
The rest of the reception was a blast! There was the first dance, dances with the parents, speeches, cake cutting/cake smearing, Karaoke, a photo booth, and all of the favorite line dances. This was definitely one of my favorite weddings to be a part of. It was an honor to DJ this wedding, and I can’t wait to hear life updates soon.
Coordination: GroupWedDC Venue: Adelphi Mill | Bride’s Dress: BLHDN | Bridesmaid Dress: Francesca’s | Hair: Courtney Leigh | Makeup: Rachel Lane Makeup | Florals: Potomac Floral Wholesale | Menswear: Men’s Wearhouse | DJ: Djeben.com | Catering: Greenock Bakery | Cake: Whole Foods

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By Eben Young